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Falling Asleep Faster, Waking Up Focused


“I have been using this Alivio 900mg Whole Plant Hemp CBD for 2 weeks so far, and am very pleased with it. I have been able to sleep better.  I used to lay awake for hours trying to get to sleep but now I fall asleep within 30-40 minutes after going to bed. This is a major improvement. I also feel like I can concentrate better during the day.”

Faster Post-Workout Recovery for Muscles & Joints

Jim & Patti

“Running is my way to release stress, and I am also an avid bicyclist. Now that I am over 50, my joints and muscles take longer to recover. After a 150-mile ride, someone suggested that I rub the Alivio 260mg Whole Plant Hemp CBD Pain & Joint Cream on my sore calves and lower back. I was so impressed that the next day I bought 2 bottles so that my wife also has one in her gym bag for after aerobics.  We love that stuff!!”

Reduced Stress and Anxiety


“After just 6 days of using Alivio’s 900mg Whole Plant Hemp CBD oil, I noticed I was tolerating stressful situations much more calmly and I did not have random anxiety throughout the day. After 2 weeks family and friends were commenting that I was “happy,” “smiling,” and not getting frustrated easily.”

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