"Alivio Has Improved My Quality of Life 100% & Helped Me Manage My MS"

I started taking the 900mg Whole Plant Hemp CBD oil by Alivio, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  As a result of Multiple Sclerosis, I suffered from terrible leg spasms every night as I was trying to go to sleep. I thought mind over matter could make them stop. No, they were uncontrollable. They felt like a tight coil in my body just waiting to unwind and BOOM, spasms. I don't like taking anti-inflammatory medications or any pharmaceuticals, but most nights it was my only relief, but it could take up to an hour to work.

The first night I used the 900mg Whole Plant Hemp CBD oil, I took 1 dropperful about 5 minutes before I went to bed.  I fell asleep fairly quickly for me with ZERO spasms and woke up completely refreshed and quite alert.

The other thing that is amazing is my ability to fall asleep much more quickly than I usually do. I'm one of those people who have trouble 'shutting off' my mind when trying to sleep as I think about random events that have happened and tasks I need to do. Not an issue that first night or any night thereafter using this 900mg Whole Plant Hemp CBD. Sound and easy sleep for the first time I could remember.

As I have continued using this every night, I have also come to the realization my mood is much more even keeled than it was before. I don't suffer from as much 'sensory overload' (another MS issue) like I used to, I can focus better, and I don't feel overwhelmed with too much information coming at me or crowded noisy environments like I used too. I even went to a noisy, crowded, loud and raucous concert, and it was amazing with no overload.

I've also noticed that the issues that the doctors say are a result of Pseudo Bulbar Affect (which causes bouts of laughing and/or crying that don't fit the situation) have become almost non-existent.

I will shout it to the rooftops if needed that this has 100% improved my quality of life, and I can't imagine a day without this Tincture in my life. I have no interest in any options with a psychoactive component such as THC and the fact this does not only makes it that much better for me personally. I have not used one single anti-inflammatory since I started taking this.  I, of course, still face other issues related to multiple sclerosis and I don't pretend that it isn't still an uphill battle some days, but I have adapted to those much better am so grateful that these issues have drastically improved.

I am SOLD on this Alivio 900mg Whole Plant Hemp CBD oil, and I can't thank you enough Alivio for helping me!  

- GC